Fattinger GmbH

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The company Fattinger GmbH (Ltd) was founded beginning of 2006. The owner and managing director of Fattinger GmbH, Dr. Franz Fattinger, is bringing in a nearly 50 years’ experience in the Agro-chemical industry. For that reason, Fattinger GmbH is quite experienced in the European Agricultural business.

Distribution of products

An essential basis of the sales activities are own products; these are adjuvants for the improvement in terms of activity, distribution, sticking and penetration of most of all pesticides on the surface of the target plants and pests.

These products are sold under the registered tradenames Exzellent CS-7®, Optiwett CS-7®, HERBAspread CS® in Austria, Germany and other EU countries

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In its consulting activities, Fattinger GmbH is providing advice and support to its clients in the development and marketing of new compounds or of already sold ones in new market segments.

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Registration and distribution of parallel import products

The company is involved in various trading activities with parallel import products in Austria and other EU countries. Fattinger GmbH has advanced knowledge in registration and sales of parallel import products. All distribution activities are taking place exclusively through industrial partners or wholesalers.


Short personal record of Dr. Franz Fattinger

Studies of chemistry, graduated with a doctorate;

1973 starting to work within the family owned enterprise;

1982 Managing Director of the than Fattinger GmbH;

1995 foundation of the distribution company afaplant handels gmbh together with Avenarius and Agro, managing director;

1998 takeover of afaplant by Staehler GmbH & Co KG, Germany, further on managing director for Austria;

2002 change to Staehler International, responsible for all market activities for the whole of Europe, except Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

2004 termination from Staehler;

2006 foundation of this "new" Fattinger GmbH


Dr. Franz Fattinger